a danger with thought

A brain knows only a brain?

…consider light itself.

It is reported to be an electric field combined with a magnetic field. If you have an electrical circuit, say with a battery, the battery supplies the electric field. Current (charges) moving in a conductor supply the magnetic field, which operates perpendicular to the electric field and both are perpendicular to the current vector.

Light is made up of electric and magnetic fields. It operates as vibrations in space. The human eye has receptors that are stimulated by those vibrations to produce colors. However, the interpretation of those signals is done at a deeper level in the brain. Quite obviously, without eyes, the human could not experience light as he/she does. It is the human mind that brings us all the theories on what light is and we should keep that firmly in mind. Other than those pathetic theories, we know nothing about light and the photons to which we refer are imaginary concepts of the mind. We have no idea what light is or where it comes from.

…”Einstein proved the particle-like behavior of light in 1905?.

I wasn’t talking about light I was talking about a beam of electrons. The initial question was about my understanding of photons to which I replied it wasn’t a lot. I also inferred that no one else knew a lot about photons either.

It wasn’t till 1925 that Heisenberg and Schrodinger foisted the concept of quantum mechanics on us. Einstein did not agree with a lot of it. It is in the modern field of QM that electrons are being compared to both waves and particles. Of course, they talk about cats in a box being alive, dead, or alive and dead (Schrodinger’s Cat). It’s that sort of mental bs I’m talking about.

There’s a danger with thought experiments in that you can miss the lies in them because the human brain has difficulty seeing its own bs. For example the thought experiment in which a twin leaves on a space craft at the speed of light, leaving his twin behind. On his return many years later, he is younger than the twin who was left behind.

It only takes a basic understanding of time to see the lie in that. Humans don’t age because of elapsed time, they age due to a biochemical process. Traveling at the speed of light wont affect that process, yet there are scientists who don’t understand that. They see time as a real entity that clocks measure. Standard clocks that are wound up are machines and have no relation to time, which is an illusion anyway.

The concept of photons is harmless enough but the more diabolical theories of QM need to be put away and some good research done. David Bohm was one of the leading authorities on QM and relativity and expressed a concern about that. He understood the distortions inherent in the human mind because he studied the mind and it’s operation as well as external phenomena. He suggested we’ve gone too far with our bs in physics and will need to step back and do better observation.

I’m not disputing reality, I’m disputing the ability of the human mind to interpret it. I did not claim that light or electricity had no existence, I was only claiming the human mind has distorted ideas about the reality of phenomena.

Time most definitely has no existence except as a concept in the human mind.

“So what dataset do you use?”