A beat for the times

This portrait of Eddie Lawrence on his 1950s LP cover speaks for today’s edgy social climate.

“The whole world’s eating the same skinless frankfurter.

“The whole world’s patching up the same pair of faded blue jeans.

“Is that what’s bothering you, bunkie?

“The whole world’s pulling the same rayon rip cord.”

Eddie Lawrence – a beat guru in a smoky coffeehouse – will always be best remembered for his hit 1956 comedy recording of “The Old Philosopher” and perhaps it’s many follow-ups. [wiki]

Found at a wise and wonderful ephemera site, I’m Learning To Share!, by an ex-DJ of Berkeley’s KALX and a dedicated web curator.

Aaghhh!! You’re a bad, bad person for not taking proper care of these amazing original albums from the past! Are you even ashamed??

…mutter, gripe, wheeze… why i oughta… mutter, mutter… if it was ME… shuffle, mutter… piece of my mind, grumble… Okay, back to work…

So what the world needs now? A jazzy philosopher.

Adages! Adages!

Listen to: Eddie Lawrence – The Visitor (play & download)