1000 days out of sight of land

Reid and Soanya's Schooner AnneOn the frontier of marriage, Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad said, “We sail on in beautiful weather almost in disbelief that each day and night can be more beautiful than the next.”

In an attempt to leave dry land longer than anyone before, they must remain almost three years at sea without going ashore, without additional supplies or fuel and without pulling into harbor.

They post their blog from the Schooner Anne.

Day 113
Wind ENE 8-10 knots,
Course SE, Speed 3.5 knots,
Position: 29° 59 S, 25° 00W,
Temp. 68° F 20 C

Starship Schooner Anne continues her boundless voyage into the unknown surrounded by stars that fall and come closer and closer.

Stars fly past the underwater window rolling and bouncing from the force of our ship. They want to come into our cozy warm home and are surprised when our thick lexan window deflects them and sends them rolling astern to surface where they mix with other stars we have excited.

They all make a long glittering tail behind us. This goes on all night as we hold our course under the rotating starry dome of the sky. In the early evening, we head for Orion while the Southern Cross watches from the far southwest. Later in the night, Orion is high in the sky and Southern Cross has disappeared.

Reid Stowe and Soanya AhmadThese are the long nights when the stars guide us. We are meeting so many new stars that we can’t even begin to name them. Carter, our friend at the planetarium knows more of them than anyone else, but when we look at the stars we’re too busy saying hello to them to name their constellations.

Can you imagine?

Soanya and I have seen them so many times already that we see them in each other’s eyes even in the daytime.