deer follow water melting

Crossing Uzbekistan into southern Siberia, a land of steep hills, broad flats, great timber and tremendous finger lakes, an interior deputy minister from Moscow, a CEO of an Indo/US fabric material firm, and an Israeli/Los Angeles developer flew by helicopter over 100,000s of swine, then miles and miles of sheep, and later across vast landscapes of elk and deer.

We think of the USSR in the colors of the Mercator map.
But Google Sat shows a vast verdant frontier.

To help protect this frontier before the USSR broke into pieces, I put this venture together in order to build new ideas while glasnost provided an open window. All law was central law. But better I thought, because of perestroika, a smart tactic would be a regional ‘claim of economic rights’.

To make this story short:
In 1988/89, over 600,000 deer and 200,000 elk were claimed as permanent economic rights for Uzbek and Siberian local government development and were separated from the central rules of the USSR.

Above this, the language asserts that the ‘sustaining economic range’ of these resources is also the capital on behalf of these resources. Water, lands of range, reproduction and population of these animals is also a local legal economic right.

The activity faded. Korean players in pharmacy and leather, though quite capable, retreated after a few years of participation. USA players went back to day to day revenue. The isolation, language, culture, power, lifestyle and transport issues were decisive drawbacks as well as building a convertible finance. India’s rupee was needed at the time to convert trade with Russia into a legal currency. Rubles or things from rubles were not allowed in the USA at this time.

I admire the efforts of my fellow venturers.

The natural cul from this resource remains an important global industrial issue. The protected lands to support this resource are vast. Importantly, I hope the natural herds are viewed as a resource, a local resource, a perpetual resource, and no longer merely a colonial resource.