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New Orleans – [NOLadder] – Klimt Added to Army Corps Training

Digging into records of the US Army Corps of Engineers, journalists in New Orleans are reporting on Federal earmarks in the region, but as recent Army Corps funding is uncovered, local citizens are calling it ‘Any Pork In A Storm’.

“It’s part of the completion training,” said a division commander, “The Army’s ‘Tree of Life’ training is an important component of our new ‘River Immersion Certification’ to assure each officer and engineer is briefed on levee systems and the impact scenario of waterway as implemented by the Army Corps.” After further questioning, he added, “Look, whatever it costs, this is a critical piece of recent policy formation that Congress has chosen to fund. This is innovative and advanced curricula we’ve added to the Army Corps’ “What Is A River” program on behalf of the American people and the rebuilding of New Orleans.”

Klimt Added to Army Corp Tree of Life Training