the boogeyman goes banking

Foreign departments of war [and unethical politicians] are putzing with instinct and their latest lies are targeting money. Few would have imagined today’s barrage of 24/7 disruption or the massive uptick when Putin and cronies took turns at bat to elect Trump, and very few of us can say we’re competently defending ourselves. Emotion, feeling, impulse, inclination, intuition, sentiment, tendency, predisposition, proclivity, bias, urge… dictionaries say none of these are reasoning or knowledge, but these are precisely the bullseye-sureness of psychographic nudge.

Dave Troy in Washington Spectator confronts a relaunch of an ongoing boogeyman built around money.  Putin’s pundits and billionaire coup-monger opportunist cronies are aggressively delivering a complex and well seasoned kit. The target is our emotions and this boogeyman is a big ogre. There’s 10s of 1000s of launch sites, from celebs to bot shops in the USA and around the world. 

Pessimism about banks is so common it disappears. but fires are being lit to heat up the topic. Specific worries and fears are newly customized to steer the results. Quoting Troy: “These various conspiracy theories attempt to add, without evidence, central bank digital currencies to the pantheon of existing populist bogeymen (which includes the Federal Reserve, shadowy globalist central bankers, and the Chinese Communist Party) in what amounts to a recapitulation of the paranoid fears stoked by the forged 1903 anti-Semitic disinformation pamphlet “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.””

postscript: The amygdala is a keyword in the neurobiology of emotion and boogeyman is a keyword in the game of population influence. Combining these two terms should bring rich resourceful insights about influence systems and human behavior but Google’s search results are a hodgepodge of inattention. 

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