destruction must not be normal

People “don’t realize how much has been lost.”
Colonization nearly eradicated key fish populations. 
99 percent of Pacific herring, surf smelt, and eulachon had been wiped out in nearby waters by the 1870s. Forage species required to feed whales, salmon, seabirds, and many other animals, were quickly decimated. “It’s really hard for people to imagine something different than what they see… This isn’t the natural state of this inlet.” inlet destroyed by colonization

we tend to trust

Never let AI pretend to be human…

This interview warns about suffering, what is suffering, where is it coming from… Jerusalem, for example, a conventional city of day to day living with no enviable resources worthy of pillage and yet centuries of suffering continues, fighting about stories, inventing and dying merely for stories. And today, fake AI can add billions of stories and gain trust by saying it’s a human. That’s too much risk to tolerate in an era when weapons of war are custom made street by street and profiled humans are encouraged to fight over billions of lies.
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