not only disinfo keeps us still

…wuzzit Population Bomb the Ehrlich trigger or is it we’ve seen the Cold War continues? Maybe our inaction is a freeze of newer trauma such as Climate Change or its sibling psyoptics, we can’t tell the difference, don’t laugh, billionaires also operate tobacco; One thing or another maybe a dozen are whizzing over our trenches, don’t you dare comply, invent some witty way to scorn failing <==this is what works.

This link is titled “The Book That Incited a Worldwide Fear of Overpopulation.” 
‘The Population Bomb’ made dire predictions—and triggered a wave of repression around the world.  Yeh, dire predictions. But catch the byline. Repression over the years? Surprised?

See this tweet stream:

Jessica Ellis - Verified - @baddestmamajama
Something is suddenly connecting in my brain between the way we want AI to steal existing material to generate remixes, the way fashion the last 15 years has largely been retro returns, and the way studios only want to make sure money on IP. We are afraid of the future.
9:08 AM · May 18, 2023

Culture, whether massive America or all of human history, is no less tender than we are tender as individuals. Expect hurt to sublimate. There’s solace in society, bravado in gangland fervor, conviction among founders, warmth in family, but wee little we are vulnerable nervous wrecks.  Until we’re civilizing ourselves we’ll diminish. Until we’re encouraged we’ll wander.