quashing psychometric weapons

Machines might know how to stop machines from turning us into machines. I asked ChatGPT a few questions aimed at finding ideas to reduce propaganda. The results aren’t particularly advanced, not in the way that we hope sophisticated new technology is also smart and wise, but the quick organization of issues is far greater than common search.

Text piles up fast during machine sessions, too many words to post in a blog, but here’s a taste.

I wrote:
“Measurable improvement in media literacy and critical thinking skills is a broadly complex and expensive challenge that policymakers widely address over generations. Meanwhile societies are currently pummeled by massive content distribution designed to increase disinformation and disrupt normal cohesion, therefore the time available to effectively remove intentionally harmful influence is comparatively short and requires thoughtful priorities, but what’s currently implemented or under review?”

ChatGPT replied:

You are correct that improving media literacy and critical thinking skills is a complex and long-term challenge that requires sustained investment and effort. However, there are some actions that can be taken in the short term to address the immediate problem of harmful content.

One approach is to increase the transparency and accountability of content creators and distributors. This can be done through policies and regulations that require clear labeling of sponsored content, disclosure of conflicts of interest, and penalties for deliberate dissemination of false information. Social media platforms and search engines can also be incentivized to promote high-quality and accurate content, while downgrading or removing low-quality or misleading content.

Another approach is to increase public awareness and education around the issue of disinformation and propaganda. This can be done through public campaigns and media outreach that explain the nature and consequences of disinformation, as well as provide tools and resources for individuals to identify and combat false information. This includes providing guidance on how to fact-check information, evaluate sources, and identify bias and propaganda techniques.

Finally, there is a growing focus on building collaborative networks and partnerships between government, civil society, and the private sector to address the problem of disinformation. This includes initiatives to share information, coordinate responses, and develop joint strategies for countering harmful content.

Fighting today’s barrage of ballot-bending psychological content requires strong immediate action. I had tried to bracket a short time period during this session, hoping for approaches to act immediately, but this and several previous answers repeated methods that require decades and huge budgets. ChatGPT and other robot playgrounds may ignore as much as they deliver, what’s not common or data that’s low quantity, but I’m wildly guessing because I have no idea what’s inside these engines.

As Dave Troy says, “If most of the internet is nonsense, the output of most AI will be nonsense.”

I asked ChatGPT about quickly reducing propaganda and quashing psychometric weapons. Ideas appeared in seconds:
—clear labeling
—conflict disclosure
—accountable content
—penalties for deliberate lies

partial session screen capture:

the end of bullied believing

Hmmm… pulpits are old hat, religion is gradually less superstitious and less emotional, and we’re noticing that 100s of feelings built over 1000s of years are psychological, including happiness.

Peace that passeth—satori, nirvana, transcendence—ARE NOT religious, but cult and crowd monopoly that’s simply history’s habits.

Dr Jeffery Martin is proposing “A Scientific Approach to Awakening and Fundamental Wellbeing” [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmsLdIH8nzU ] pointing to advanced psychology changing beliefs about ourselves and how we explain feelings and states of mind, and soon, says Martin, everyone will know.

one paid for the other

imagine twin Corvettes… 
1961 Corvette
’61 Corvette – beautiful car, drove to Tahoe, folks accelerated to wave hello, intruded at gas and restaurants… we parked in front of top restaurants or at the hotel door and kept the key, no valet asked, they loved the draw of gawkers… dumbfounded how deeply people love classic Chevies, not judging, it goes deep… Gary had 2 of ‘em, one kept on a trailer indoors in LA, a pristine icon rented to movies and advertisers… he never spent a dime on his lifetime of cars, he only bought profit… but those days, well, the risk is high these days

vigor, please, much vigor

Billions of dollars behind it, there’s high levels of organized propaganda and brain-battering psychographics that must end. It’s wrecking society here and globally.

Let’s see what disinfo investigators say, “So I think you generally have a backlash of people seeing this work as some kind of struggle over who gets to decide the truth, and some groups of people see it as part of the general partisan freakouts over 2016, writ large.”

Hmmm, conviction in the PSYOPS research community seems iffy:  postingthroughit.com/misinformation-reporting-vibe-shift-country-of-loons/

Where’s committed thousands of properly paid fully supported teams flying through the warscape of injury caused by propaganda, nay, by advanced barrage of weaponry aimed at the brain?  We need an advanced reply, reaction and response that’s similar in reach to WWII metal scavenging and the Manhattan Project.

I tacked a vinegary comment to the bottom edge of a spooky Jose Morado sketch: “On the underlying error of rejecting the Enlightenment in order to toy with psychographic coup.”  

“On the underlying error of rejecting the Enlightenment in order to toy with psychographic coup.”

I like this image and I take it as seriously as intended in 1939 when José Chávez Morado titled it “The Clergy and the Press.” The times were on fire with boogeyman bias and confused emotions, and that’s our era too. I call it The Amygdala Wars and we’re on the way to another 100 year War of Roses thing. 

We’re dangerously uninformed about population management and blankets of influence. A popular broadcast in Russia’s oddly copycat culture is ’60 Minut’ a clumsy copy of 60 Minutes. But like Fox News, the entire show is praising Putin, wildly pro-Putin propaganda and of course it is. And that’s why celebrity pics of Murdoch and Putin oughta shiver our spines. But who’s copying who?

Pekka Kallioniemi tweets about living inside Putin’s regime. Domestic Russia is an assault on the brain with many millions of wounded, “followers of propaganda” known as vatniks. Sadly, they’re similar to MAGA.