Turning Us Around, a poem

Our Transition

Even the Etherious
can be Properly Serious

Large aged institutions 
seeking restitutions

aim assumptions,
sort gumptions,

hoist improvements,
educate movements,

seeking sufficient
not less than omniscient,

a task recommended
even if dead ended.

But regardless conditions
in money or munitions 
or assets distillated
in actions sophisticated, 
real value,
let me tell you, 
in all categories
is not in these stories.

What is the deductive
that spurs the productive?

Not crisis and debt.
Not cyclic bet.

Not deficits added
nor momentum padded.

Not bandits in cults.
These stifle results.

Not stiffer a fine
to undermine
reticent tissue.

This clouds the issue.

No, I report
the facts support

the reluctant miser
is no fertilizer

when what we require
is merit’s fire.

Lend some support!
For here I purport

our greatest resource
no matter our course−

impregnable forts,
lucrative exports,

justice and reason
without moral treason

or freedom’s impunity
in gentle community−

our purpose can’t shift
to get over this rift.

If we’re interdependent,
remaining resplendent,

then we rise up the mast,
see our future and past

in all aggregation 
that fuels innovation.

Find what is requiring
all the untiring

to push to the end
for which we depend. 

We must seek the vantage,
peer over the rampage, 
where wisdom’s enough
no matter how rough,

where no explaining
nor drama nor feigning

can cloud the growth
that freedom’s oath

can bring to our nation.
Now that’s socialization!

Isn’t it proven
that what keeps us movin’

is not mere intellectual,
nor dreams ineffectual,

however analytical
or grandly political?

No! Freedom’s invincible
if based on the principal

there’s motion
from ocean to ocean,

reaching and catching,
comparing and matching,

in faith and in fearing, 
in sweat and engineering,

with diligent facts
in solvent pacts, 
if anyone will share it,
let’s base it on merit. 

This is the trend
to level the bend,

to smooth the tension
in cash flow and pension.

To recover our know how,
get out and show how.

Committees promoting,
elevating or demoting

the actuarial fences
or media’s consensus,

chits and credit
no matter who’s led it,

no matter the rank,
no matter the bank,

no firm will ever earn
nor thinkers ever learn

the power systemic
in merit’s endemic,

always available,
never assailable,

always effective
in freedom’s directive.

Lets not be demented 
with what’s implemented. 
Do well for doing good.
We know that we should.

What’s holding us back? 
Worry about trouble and lack?
Imbalanced obligations? 
Value added among nations?
Risk and recapture? 
Or is it greed and its rapture,

Is it noisy contention 
paralyzing our attention, 
poor ideas selected
by the blind self-elected? 
But we rule the fool.
Use democracy’s tool!

Why stay delirious?
Why shrink from what’s serious?
Why waste our hours?
Is it their choice not ours? 
Drain their moat 
and get out & vote.

Leave the rhetorical fudge. 
Use results as our judge.
Look square in the face 
at the problems we chase.

Go back to what’s right 
in yourself day and night. 
Life is fine 
when we’re each genuine. 
You know if you’re giving 
good effort for living. 

Use the responsible onus
’cause history’s shown us

society’s crescendo
is not innuendo.

It’s living without 
suppression or doubt.

It’s not narcissism
nor tricks & farcism.

It’s not voodoo 
that we do 

nor a ritualized nod
to a relegate god.

It’s not feeble acting 
nor caustic reacting.

To be fair,
those who care

fulfill genuine need
whether they follow or lead.

Our Transition Position © Hayes

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