Glenn Barry:

1) Across the board humanity is at risk of losing the fruits of hard fought battles for human advancement. Over the past 300 years progressive and liberal thought and action have largely ended monarchy, slavery, and achieved equality, human rights and voting rights for much of the world.

2) Globally we are all witnessing political and social implications of collapsing ecosystems, resource scarcity and economic inequities.

3) In the United States some 400 individuals possess more wealth than the 155 million Americans in the bottom half.

The powers-that-be (in both parties) should see a rainbow force coming together:

...organized workers, business leaders, veterans, students and youth, faith leaders, civil rights fighters, women's rights champions, immigrant rights defenders, LGBTQ stalwarts, environmentalists, academics, artists, celebrities, community activists, elected officials and more—all standing up for what's right.

Defending—and Defining—the American Dream

Utility bills got you down? Empathize a few moments with these off-grid kids in Alaska:

Last fall we put up several piles of firewood for the winter.

This system worked fairly well when 1) the snow on the trail wasn't past the truck running boards, 2) we still had birch in the pile, and 3) the piles weren't buried beneath 4 feet of snow and ice.

...chucking frozen 50 lb logs when it's below freezing and... they honestly did not burn.

Seriously, we're talking completely fire retardant wood. Even when we split it down into almost kindling size they never really made flame or produced any heat... leaving us cold and waiting 3+ hours for the kettle to boil...

On MetaFilter, users share alarm:

Protestors have found torture devices that confirm the stories of Egyptians tortured by the security services, evidence of massive state surveillance, and even a room full of sex tapes for blackmailing famous people...

Among the secret papers published thus far, there is software and training to hack into Yahoo, GoogleMail and Hotmail mailboxes, record Skype calls, and spy on people through their laptops' built-in microphone and camera...

“He was always talking about how much power he had,” she said, “how he liked being able to write someone a ticket just for looking at him funny.” Then, one day, he raped her.

Our prisons !

Incidents of sexual abuse may be as high as 25 per hour !

"Overall, most victims were abused not by other inmates but by corrections staff: agents of our government, paid with our taxes."

The best investment a company can make?
Try lobbying. Returns can exceed 20,000 percent.

Umair Haque:

What's standing in the way of democracy might just be politics — parties, Congress, lobbyists, the whole glad-handing, schmoozeful K-street shebang, which seems to exist mostly to subvert the will of human people, and replace it with the wishes of corporate 'people'.

Is prosperity being restricted by sluggish dinosaur institutions?

"It's a world where yesterday's tired industrial age assumptions and practices have been thoroughly challenged, and found wanting — and yet they live on, like weeds"

Or consider Steve From Virginia at his blog Economic Undertow:

Be ready for the long haul. Times will be tough... then they will get worse.

Ours is a generational challenge, then a human existential challenge.

Nothing is amenable to five-year plans. Start thinking 500 year plans. We won't escape our tragic limitations until we start making realistic 5,000 year plans.

The Guardian is admittedly a liberal news organization, but in no way is it to be considered politically radical in its opinions.

It's front page lede:

Manning 'forced to sleep naked'

WikiLeaks suspect made to relinquish boxer shorts for about seven hours due to 'situationally driven' event'.

It's comment:

Bradley Manning and the stench of US hypocrisy

The US condemns human rights abuses abroad yet appears to be allowing the psychological torture of Bradley Manning.

I assert that the civilian is an order of magnitude more powerful than the militian but we do not live in a time of these.


Oh this Earth do loop:

"A mother's body is the first environment," Steingraber said.

As she was leaving her obstetrician's office after examining a vial of her amniotic fluid, Steingraber recalled being told to "Drink plenty of water."

"Drink plenty of water. Before it is baby pee, amniotic fluid is water. I drink water, and it becomes blood plasma, which suffuses through the amniotic sac and surrounds the baby - who also drinks it. And what is it before that? Before it is drinking water, amniotic fluid is the creeks and rivers that fill reservoirs. It is the underground water that fills wells. And before it is creeks and rivers and groundwater, amniotic fluid is rain. When I hold in my hands a tube of my own amniotic fluid, I am holding a tube full of raindrops.

"Amniotic fluid is also the juice of oranges that I had for breakfast, and the milk that I poured over my cereal, and the honey I stirred into my tea. It is inside the green cells of spinach leaves and the damp flesh of apples. It is the yolk of an egg. When I look at amniotic fluid, I am looking at rain falling on orange groves. I am looking at melon fields, potatoes in wet earth, frost on pasture grasses. The blood of cows and chickens is in this tube. The nectar gathered by bees and hummingbirds is in this tube. Whatever is inside hummingbird eggs is also inside my womb.

"Whatever is in the world's water is here in my hands," Steingraber said.